Granite Ventures LLC. is a team of experienced executives who have long track records of successfully growing businesses - both top line and bottom line.    We are revenue growth and productivity experts    who have formulated processes and methods developed from decades of first-hand experience.

We have had direct leadership responsibility for every function within the company: product development, marketing, sales, finance, information technology, operations, manufacturing, human resources, global procurement/outsourcing and customer support.

We have fine-tuned an analytical approach to accelerating revenue growth. Every function within the organization must contribute directly to the customer making a decision to buy. Our clients have been able to quickly identify the key inhibitors to growth - or the key strengths to exploit more effectively - by utilizing our methods and expertise.

We stay "in the game" from the development of the plan, through execution and successfully achieving results. We don't just deliver a plan and leave. We are only successful when you are.

"The quality of the plan depends upon whether or not you WIN"

Our Services


Not only are cost and capacity dependent upon effective processes, but every aspect of what you deliver to your customer is directly impacted by expertly designed techniques and methods.


Defining how the energy and resources of the organization will be focused is essential to making sure that everyone is working toward the same goals and expected results.

Brand Image & Identity

The impression that your customers and potential customers have about the personality of your business will determine if they every buy (or buy again) from you. Visual images as well as values-based impressions are crucial.

Social Media Management

Creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms can make a company or kill it. Understanding how to engage social media expertly is crucial for every business.

What We Do

Granite Ventures LLC. will join with your current management team to assess the specific needs of your business. You may need to reverse negative trends, accelerate areas where you are having current success, or develop a new strategic direction for future growth and profitability.

No two situations are the same, but many of the core obstacles to success have common roots. As a result of having over 100 years combined hands-on business leadership experience, we have identified several key areas of focus for a thriving business.

Frequently, we take an interim executive role within the businesses we partner with. We will not just provide theoretical guidance, but will actually be there with you to deliver results against the operating plans - to bridge the gap from strategy to execution.

We will help you to identify a permanent executive to backfill where we have served on a temporary basis, and will provide ongoing consultation and assistance after our paid engagement has ended. Our compensation arrangements are generally tied to your future success.

We know you take your business seriously...

We will help you make more from the time you spend on it.

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About Granite Ventures LLC.

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Jeff Cooke has been an entrepreneurial president and C-level executive at multiple early stage companies, and an executive at Hewlett Packard, Apple and NEC. He is recognized as a revenue growth and productivity expert and has been involved in numerous business transitions.

Jeff has led 8 early stage/mid-market companies and has completed 5 successful company sales. Notably, FDI Collateral Management, which provides technology enabled business services to financial institutions had revenue growth of over 3,500% and EBITDA growth from (50%) to 24% under Mr. Cooke's leadership.

Technology-enabled business services and financial services companies are areas of significant success.

Jeff has served as a director for numerous companies, including 2 public companies.

Our Partners

Our partners combined with a network of associates have specific detailed experience in:

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Check MarkSocial Media Success
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